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I was going to college in Virginia. I was in a dorm room alone but it connected by a bathroom to another dorm room with a girl named Angie. It started out small with like a presence there. Then is escalated to a definite temperature change when I would come in the room. Then things started moving. Like a lamp in one place would be in another. I thought the girl Angie was doing it at first. I didn’t know her and I didn’t believe in ghosts. So I started locking the bathroom that connected our rooms. But the stuff kept moving. One night I woke up around 3 and saw her looking through the closet, the ghost. She looked at me and I froze. I couldnt do anything I was so scared. Eventually she left and the next day I called my grandmother. She told me to put a Bible under my pillow and the next time I saw her ask her to leave. So I did and while I never saw her again. I could still feel her from time to time.

Real teacher blows her student

Real teacher blows her student

The only reason Walmart can exist right now is because they are heavily subsidized by the government. The next time you wish to express contempt for someone, you might want to use another term, besides "Bite Me.

I want to make sure I have plenty of reserves to pizz on his grave.

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School days might even get u admitted in a mental ward!. You should take a look. I fucking hate politics, so be nice to each other and keep the discussion only about the reason for the ban.

Multicam looks good and feels good so it IS good, except The Marines Nikkky have PERFECTED the Art of The Uniform and are Good to Thoorne as usual. I'm already on the freeway We found a spot in Cumberland that has excellent avocado toast.

I'm so flipping angry - this is horrible. For my dying wish, I Thorhe to you to try some Kool-aid. Don't quote me,but I think Poland and Russia said they will accept SA refugees. though!.

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  1. Arabei
    Arabei 1 month ago

    Hahahaha the rhythm player on blues :-))) hahaha small hands also have benefits :-)))

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    Tura 1 month ago

    I'm a natural klutz.

  3. Mikora 1 month ago

    Bye Bye

  4. Dikora
    Dikora 1 month ago

    This is my look alike.

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    JoJotaur 1 month ago

    Thank You

  6. Mooguzil
    Mooguzil 1 month ago

    The media is the enemy of the people!

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    Tataxe 1 month ago

    The main Soviet War memorial in Berlin:

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    but thx

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    Lmao! Maybe! You gotta become your own cheerleader GGG!

  12. Sasida
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    Why else put Hen in his screen name

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