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In fact they were horrified and disturbed. Now, you can man up an answer my straightforward question with a straightforward answer, OR get back on the porch and let the big dogs run.

Its hubris comes from the attitude that Christianity is the new "Chosen" religion, which, of course, makes all other religions false and "satanic". I can't say I'll miss him in the Senate but the citizens of the great state of Arizona thought highly enough of him to keep him there for over 30 years.

Here I've been doing it all these years without the benefits. I bet that in 20 years from now they' ll wish to God they had listened to him and not have let "political correctness" blind them. Article above: "Edgerton explained how the Dominaziohe military was integrated.

which many attempt to do, to co believe with common descent all life. The younger generation that fought for the Confederacy were the ones illegally educating slaves so they could have a live when they were freed.

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  1. Luana Borgia Dominazione Totale
    Kazragul 6 months ago

    Yes she eats brains!

  2. Luana Borgia Dominazione Totale
    Gardara 6 months ago

    Title misleading? Is this MatPat or Nux Taku?

  3. Tokazahn
    Tokazahn 6 months ago

    I didn't lie. Post has been edited.

  4. Arazragore
    Arazragore 6 months ago

    Women or not, they ALL become men eventually.

  5. Luana Borgia Dominazione Totale
    Daimuro 6 months ago

    Ol' Harold be lookin' like he asleep.

  6. Maura
    Maura 5 months ago

    how deep is a bottomless pit?

  7. Tauramar
    Tauramar 5 months ago

    Either you or Trump....

  8. Tojagor 5 months ago

    It was a good lesson for sure.

  9. Luana Borgia Dominazione Totale
    Negore 5 months ago


  10. Знакомства
    Dujin 5 months ago

    I like the slide.

  11. Zulugis
    Zulugis 4 months ago

    You useful idiots are such simpletons

  12. Знакомства
    Gardalar 4 months ago


  13. Dogal
    Dogal 4 months ago

    lol :oP

  14. Nejas 4 months ago


  15. Goltijin
    Goltijin 4 months ago

    Only if your a criminal.

  16. Minos
    Minos 3 months ago

    Soon it will be a desert again.

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Luana Borgia Dominazione Totale
Luana Borgia Dominazione Totale